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Meet Wallie!

Wallace “Wallie” F. Kitchings is formally announcing that he is a Candidate for Columbia County Sheriff. He was born to the late Frank D. Kitchings and Dammie L. Kirby on January 20, 1964.

Wallie was raised in Lake City, Florida and has resided in Lake City most of his life. Wallie grew up in a family with a law enforcement background. His grandfather was a Wildlife Officer for the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission with over 20 years of service.

Wallie’s father Frank worked for a local Timber company ITT Rayonier Timber where he specialized in Timber Procurement for over 30 years. His mother Dammie was employed with the USDA ASCS office there she assisted local farmers with Government assistance and benefits until her retirement.

Wallie is a graduate of Columbia High School class of 1982. After graduating he enrolled at Lake City Community College and began taking courses in general studies. He went on to receive his Law Enforcement Certification.

On July 22, 1985, he was hired by the Columbia County Sheriff's Office as Deputy Sheriff.

On December 17, 1989, he married his high school sweetheart, Anja, and they have been happily married 35 years. Years later, on February 10, 1998, Wallie and Anja were blessed with their only daughter Brittany. Today she works and resides in Lake City. Throughout his distinct career at the Columbia County Sheriff's Office, he was promoted and held the ranks of Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Under the current sheriff’s administration, he was promoted to Major (Chief Deputy) and held the position until December 31, 2015, when he retired in good standing at the rank of Colonel.

Wallie remains fully involved in local issues and promoting a safer community. In his spare time, Wallie has been spending time with his family, fishing, hunting, and tending to his farm.

Now, at age 59, Wallie has seen the need for new leadership in the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. During his career as a law enforcement officer in Columbia County, he has served under four different sheriffs and learned ways to better serve the citizens of Columbia County. He is offering his 30+ years of law enforcement experience to addressing the concerns of our citizens and local business owners who are, or have been, the victims of a crime. As Sheriff, he will place the needs of Columbia County citizens first and, more importantly, he vows to work tirelessly, to accomplish his goal of providing the Sheriff’s Office with professional leadership in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies.



· Patrol Deputy July 1985 – October 1991

· Patrol Sergeant (Alpha Shift) October 1991 – January 1998

· K-9 Handler 1986-1996

· Lieutenant over Public Safety – Drug Unit and School Resource January 1998 – April 1999

· Captain over Criminal Division and Commander over Law Enforcement Division. April 1999 – January 2005

· Captain over Patrol Division, School Resource, Court House Security, Civil Division. January 2005 - January 2009

· Major (Chief Deputy), Commander over Sheriff’s Office Operations January 2009 – December 2015

· Reserve Officer December 2015 – February 2021


Other Law Enforcement Experience:

· Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission Reserve September 1984 – September 1985

· 2013 Human Trafficking Awareness Meeting with Congressman Ted S. Yoho

· Protection Detail for FSU Football Coach Bobby Bowden

· Special Response Team Member (Sniper Trained) - Swat Operator

· Street Level “Crack” Cocaine Enforcement

· Swat Commander

· Commanding Officer over Dive Team

· Supervised K9 Unit and Training

· Commander of Drug Task Force

· Handled total Sheriff’s Office Operations while Sheriff was away – Once, due to a Sheriff being medically Incapacitated from a medical condition for seven days. Second, due to the Sheriff being out of town for family wedding. Third, due to our current Sheriff attending the F.B.I Academy in Quantico, VA for over three months

· Supervised critical incidents, worked to insure smooth, efficient, and cohesive operation off all Sheriff’s Office Functions

· Over 25 years of Law Enforcement Supervisor Experience


Education & Training:

· FDLE Chief Executive Seminar – Class 44

· Occidental Chemical Corporation- Professional Supervisor Program

· Criminal Justice Training Academy: Sniper Course – Special Operations

· State of Florida the Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training – K-9 Team Certification

· State of Florida the Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Training – Basic Recruit Certificate, Basic Recruit, Law Enforcement Officers

· Police Dog Handling School – Drug Detection

· Police Dog Handling School - Basic and Advanced

· Police Dog Handling School - Drug Seminar

· New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center: Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings

· Incident Command Systems

· Law Enforcement Response: Weapons of Mass Destruction

· Federal Law Enforcement Training Center – Clandestine Lab Awareness and Safety

· Institute of Police Technology and Management – Tactical Operations Command

· F.D.L.E / DEA – Cannabis Indoor Grow Investigations

· F.D.L.E – Special Operations Sniper Course at Lively Law Enforcement Academy

· F.D.L.E. – FCIC Basic Telecommunications

· FBI – Advanced Hostage Negotiations

· Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Materials]

· Basic Pressure Point Control Tactics

· Florida Sheriffs Association Training Program – Civil Process (non-enforceable)

· Florida Sheriffs Association Training Program – Civil Process (enforceable)

· Florida Sheriffs Association Training Program – 2013 Winter Conference

· Florida Sheriffs Association Diversified Training Program- 2011 Executive Leadership Conference

· Florida Sheriffs Association Diversified Training Program – 1998 Annual Administrative Management Training Seminar

· Department of Treasury Federal Law Enforcement Training Center: Clandestine Lab Awareness and Safety

· Florida Sheriffs Association: Florida Sheriffs’ Institute

· CCSO – Leadership Training

· CCSO – PIT Driving Training

· CCSO- Aircraft Interdiction Training

· CCSO – Uniform Florida Traffic Crash Report Training

· CCSO – Supervisors’ Liability Training

· First Responder to Bomb Calls Training

· DEA – Drug Interdiction

· FBI- Basic S.W.A.T. Operators Course

· Florida Sheriffs Association Training Program – Crack Cocaine Investigation and Enforcement

· Narcotic Identification and Investigation

· Columbia County Sheriff’s Office: Defensive Driving

· Lake City Community College: Firearms Instructor

· Lake City Community College: Semi-Automatic Transition

· Florida Sheriffs Association Training Program – Administrative Management Training Seminar

· Criminal Justice Information System Security & Awareness Training

· F.D.L.E. – Discriminatory Profiling and Professional Traffic Stops / Human Diversity

· F.D.L.E – Juvenile Sexual Offender Investigations

· F.D.L.E. – Domestic Violence

· Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute – Stress Management in Law Enforcement

· Glock Professional – Armourer’s Course

· US Department of Homeland Security FEMA: National Incident Management System (NIMS) an Introduction (IS100, IS200, IS300, IS400, IS700, IS800).

· Santa Fe Community College – Criminal Justice Program: Human Diversity, Domestic Violence, and Forfeiture Training Course

· Santa Fe Community College – Criminal Justice Program: Terrorists Indicators for Patrol / SWAT

· National Fire Academy Course: Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Materials

· Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security: Blood Borne Pathogen Training

· Tallahassee Community College - Pat Thomas Criminal Justice Training Academy: The Bullet Proof Mind Course

· Tallahassee Community College - Pat Thomas Criminal Justice Training Academy: Incident Command Systems Course

· North Florida Community College Criminal Justice Academy – Law Enforcement Response: Weapons of Mass Destruction

· Blue Green Training: Counter-Terrorism Train Interdiction Operations

· The United States Deputy Sheriffs’ Association’s Tactical Entry & Defensive Tactics Training Seminar

· Florida Society for Healthcare Security, Safety, and Emergency Management Professionals: Law Enforcement Training for Hospitals

· Florida Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control: Radiological Incident Response for County Government


Commendations / Certificates Awarded for Service:

· Medal of Distinction for Distinguished Service (2nd Highest Award for Valor in the Sheriff’s Office)

· Medal of Valor (The Highest Award for Valor in the Sheriff’s Office)

· Certificate of Appreciation presented by Sheriff Owens

· Safe Driver Award Recipient

· 1990 V.F.W. Officer of the Year Award

· 1988 Operation Crack Down Drug Investigation

· Numerous letters of appreciation and thanks from the Citizens of Columbia County

· Letters of appreciation from surrounding Law Enforcement Agencies

· Boys’ Club of Columbia County, Inc. Certificate of Appreciation

·The Silver Star Society Awards: For 15 years or more of donations & supporting Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches

·Fraternal Order of Police, Florida State Lodge- Nomination for Officer of the Year Award



· Lake City Masonic Lodge No. 27, December 13, 1997 – Present

· Athens Baptist Church Trustee, March 2002 - 2022

· Athens Baptist Church Cemetery Committee, March 2002 - Present

· Member of Athens Baptist Church

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Wallace Kitchings, Republican, for Sheriff. 
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