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Harry Young (Ret. FWC), Jason Madnick (28 years, Ret. Monroe County Sheriff's Office), Tom & Beth Brazil (30 years, Monroe County Sheriff's Office), John Warr (27 years, US Custom Services), Jeff Coleman (29 years, Columbia County Sheriff's Office), Robert Dees (30 years, Ret. Columbia County Sheriff's Office), Denise Sauls (18 years, Columbia County Sheriff's Office & 3 years, LCPD) and Gerald Sauls (5 years, Columbia County Sheriff's Office & LCPD), Billy Wheeler (21 years, Ret. Columbia County Sheriff's Office), and Claude Phillips (26 years, Ret. Columbia County Sheriff's Office).



Testimonials from our Advocates

In this section, you'll find heartfelt and genuine endorsements from a diverse group of individuals who not only believe in Wallie's vision for the future of law enforcement but also actively advocate for it. These are more than just names; they are stories, experiences, and personal reflections from community members, professionals, and leaders who have witnessed firsthand the integrity, dedication, and commitment of our candidate. Each testimonial here is a voice of trust and support, highlighting the reasons why they stand firmly with us in our journey towards a safer, fairer, and more effective approach to serving and protecting our community.
I had the pleasure to serve with Wallie when we were both serving in law enforcement as Majors leading our agency troops right here in Columbia County. He is a fine leader who loved his community and to this day I call him my good friend! I'm certain soon I will have the honor to call him Sheriff! — Lee Beach
To the citizens of Columbia County, I have known Wallace Kitchings, better known as Wallie, for 32 years. During this time, he has proven himself as an effective leader, teacher, and trustworthy friend. I have always looked up to Wallie both professionally and personally as he helped shape my Dad, Chuck Brewington, into the great man and Law Enforcement Officer he was. I can attest to the trust and respect he has for, and from, the citizens of Columbia County, the men and women of the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, as well as other law enforcement agencies throughout North Florida. We would be foolish to ignore the change in criminal activity that has occurred in Columbia County. With that being said, police work has changed and what we need now is the right leaders with the right experience. He has worked in numerous divisions in his 30+ years with the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. The recognition he has gained, his vast experience, and his training make Wallie exquisitely qualified. For as long as I have known him, what you see is what EVERYONE gets. I am a firm believer that the Wallie you see in-person will always be the same Wallie you see on TV20 News. He will make an appearance because he is genuine. He is a man of honor, respect, and integrity. All of this will serve him well in his endeavor to be the next Sheriff. Without reservations, my wife, Chelsea, and I support and endorse Wallace “Wallie” Kitchings to be the next Sheriff of Columbia County. We would like to ask you for your support for Wallie and the vital change needed in Columbia County. Chase Brewington Son of Captain Chuck Brewington, who dedicated 31 years to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. — Chase Brewington
Worked under Wallie, almost half of my career. A man who believes in integrity, accountability, leading from the front, and a leader who cares about the citizens of Columbia County. Can't think of any finer person who can lead Columbia County in the right direction for the citizens and Deputies. — Cecil Brownfield
I've known Wallie my entire career as a Police Officer with Lake City Police Department. He's always been supportive and ready with advice from his years of experience. So why do I support him, it's time Columbia County decides if they want a politician or a real Sheriff. A politician is not making our community safe, KITCHINGS as a Sheriff will!!! — Jason Byrd
I've spent over half my life, nearly thirty years, working with Wallace Kitchings. For four different Sheriff's. The only thing they had in common was putting him in a leadership position. I would not have lasted so long without his guidance, support and leadership. He is the epitome of what a Sheriff should be. Vote Kitchings for Columbia County Sheriff. — Jeff Coleman
I have known Wallie Kitchings for over 30 years. I worked with him at CCSO for a year and a half and then worked around him, up until his retirement, when I moved on into state law enforcement. I have always known Wallie to be honest, hard working, compassionate with victims, a friend to everyone he met and always willing to work with and assist other law enforcement officers. I personally have always appreciated having the open door to call Wallie anytime I had a question about a law enforcement situation. His years of experience and knowledge have been invaluable to me throughout my career. I wholeheartedly support Wallie as a candidate for Sheriff of Columbia County. — Steve Coody
I worked with Wallace Kitchings, he was my patrol Sergeant in 1995, he is committed to Columbia County to serve and protect. He has worked through the ranks at Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, promoted to lieutenant, captain and chief deputy, a man of integrity, experience and knowledge. — Stacy Croft
I worked at the Sheriff's Office with Wallie Kitchings for 25 years. He was a great co-worker and supervisor that truly cared about his Sheriff's Office family. He has always treated people with respect and fairness regardless of where they live or their economic status. I believe that Wallie Kitchings would work tirelessly to serve the citizens and manage the budget of the Sheriff's Office. — Robert Dees
Lieutenant - Retired in 2020
This is a man of 100% integrity, Christ centered family values, approachable, gives of self above and beyond to those in need with a heart of compassion. 30+ years in law enforcement knowledge with the up to date methods and “People” skills that many of us are needing!! Please come to Rally’s and find out Mr. Kitchings approach and his most valuable way to built a team retention “is listen to them as they are your boots on the ground”.  I known Wallace “Wally” professionally and personally for over 24 years I can say each and every time I call he always answers back says Ms. Suzanne. Each time I have called Wally with a need for advice on safety at our office he would not only suggest, he would come and talk with me regarding ideas for the project. Sometime after Wally’s retirement I asked him if he wanted to volunteer at our Annual Thanksgiving event he said sure Ms. Suzanne what time and date. He stood on his feet with 2 other volunteers at our gate stopping 500 cars from storming to the front. Wally stood with others does 9-10 hours in cold, rainy weather. Year after year Wally would say don’t forget to call me next year and anything in between. Love for your community is genuine when you call, Wallace Kitchings. Are you getting served and protected sufficiently to meet your needs for your business & family? Are your law enforcement professionals being paid like neighboring counties? Why not? We totally support Wallace Kitchings. Come to a Rally and learn perhaps what you may not know about Wally. Danny & Suzanne Edwards — Suzanne Edwards
Retired-Regional Director, Catholic Charities
As one might imagine, during a 30 plus year career in Law Enforcement, working in various roles in both a rural County Sheriffs Office as well as a large metropolitan area Sheriffs Office, I have had the privilege of working and training with some of the most experienced and talented professional law enforcement Officers in the Country. In 1997 I had the privilege of being introduced to Wallace “Wally” Kitchings of the Columbia County Sheriffs Office. It was immediately apparent that Wally was a natural born leader and passionate servant. During the next several years, I had the opportunity to work side by side with Wally, and exchange information and ideas as to best law enforcement practices with him often. I often times relied on Wally’s assistance and advice during critical incidents, being a neighboring county. I always knew that when we needed assistance or additional resources, Wally was just a phone call away. For these reasons and many more, I have no doubt that Wally will serve the citizens of Columbia County well, and I am proud to call him my friend. Gerald Gonzalez, Major (Retired) FBI National Academy Session #243 — Gerald Gonzalez
Retired Law Enforcement
Wally worked for me during my time as Sheriff. He has always been honest, trustworthy and loyal to the citizens of Columbia County and Lake City. What he says you can take it to the bank. He deserves not only your vote but your trust.  — Bill Gootee
I had the pleasure of working with Wallie when I first started at the Sheriff’s Office back in 2010. He was my Major at the time. When I say he is an exemplary example of what we need as a Sheriff I mean it. I remember having to call him about a case I was working and he answered, I couldn’t remember his last name since I just started, so when he answered I said “hey Wallie”. In Law enforcement you don’t do that with higher ranking Deputies, especially a Major. He was so nice and didn’t mind even when I apologized. Wallie is so down to earth and will not tip-toe around an answer. He will give you the most honest and respectful answer every time. Ready to have you back in command! Proud of you!!! — Marcella Marsh
To the men and women of the Columbia Co Sheriffs Office and Columbia County as a whole. As a retired Sgt with the Suwannee Co Sheriffs Office and current business owner. I whole heartedly endorse Wallie Kitching’s as the next Sheriff of Columbia Co. I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to work with Wallie across county lines at various times of our careers. Wallie was always professional and had the best interest for the best out come of what ever situation presented itself. Wallie is a natural leader and professional law enforcement officer but was always in my opinion firm but fair. He was also humble to the point he would listen to his officers on a scene and did value their opinions. A true leader does that. With that said it’s very obvious what’s happening locally, in other city’s and states when crime is not dealt with from a proactive standpoint. In just about every instance it’s plain to see we need proven Law Enforcement Officers as Sheriffs and not politicians that tell you want you want to hear. Actions, Integrity, and street level law enforcement experience always speaks louder than words. Wallie Kitchings as Sheriff will make Columbia County a safe place to raise our families and uphold and protect our constitutional rights and freedoms. The citizens of Lake City and Columbia County should strongly consider electing a proven Law Enforcement Officer Wallie Kitchings as their new Sheriff for 2024. Respectfully Ben Sears Honorably Retired Sgt Deputy Sheriff — Benjamin “Ben” Sears
Retired Deputy Sheriff/ Current Business Owner
I worked with Wally for most of my career in law enforcement, and always knew him to be honest, straight forward, and the first to offer assistance to another agency in need. He came up through the ranks and when he says he knows what a deputy needs its because he has been in their shoes, actually patrolling a zone, working midnights in the middle of nowhere. He knows this country, and the people in it. He has the actual boots on the ground experience to get the job done, and insure the Sheriff's office has what they need to continue to do the same. My experience has always been if Wallace Kitchings tells you something, you can take it to the bank. His integrity is beyond reproach, and his leadership has been missed by those that worked alongside him for decades. Every citizen should be fortunate enough to have such qualified and experienced candidates running for office as Wally, and he has my families full support and our votes. — Clint VanBennekom

Advocates for Wallace Kitchings

This section proudly presents a comprehensive list of individuals and groups who have pledged their endorsement for Wallace Kitchings. Each name represents a vote of confidence and a shared belief in Wallace's vision and capabilities to lead as Sheriff. From community leaders and local residents to professionals and public figures, the breadth of support underscores the widespread trust and respect Wallace has earned. While these advocates may not have shared their stories, their endorsement signifies a united front in support of a candidate committed to excellence, justice, and community service.
Heather Bryant
Ashley Dohrn
Daniel Dohrn
Sarah Dohrn
Ashley Feagle
Rocky Ford
Tiffany Gay
Melissa Lee
Nevin Markham
Norma Naber
Dalton Parker
Jessica Robinson
Rachel Sheldon
David Sherrod
Robbie Shotwell
Casey Starling
Miranda Starling
Wayne Terry
John Warr
Macy Wells McRae
Kelly Bishop
John Blanchard
Robert Sands


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